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Storage Options

Are you looking for household, business, student, long or short term storage? When considering what storage options best suit your needs, the following factors need to be taken into account; • How long will your goods need to be stored • How regularly will you need to access your unit? • How regularly will you have to visit your unit? • This also influences the size of the unit. If you need regular access to your belongings, you should consider calculating extra space for an Isle. We offer the following storage options. Please Contact us to discuss the best storage solution for you.

Security and Location

Knysna Plett Storage is situated just 2km off the N2, down the Wittedrift/Avontuur Road (R340) in between Knysna and Plettenberg Bay. We are 8km from central Plettenberg Bay and about 25 km from Knysna. Our Storage units are situated on the beautiful Bella Maiya Boutique Reserve. Your storage is surrounded by fruit orchards, organic gardens, zebra and antelope. In addition to our standard security systems, four loving homes and a total of 8 dogs keep an eye on your valuables from all angles. Bella Maiya also boasts a unique events venue in the revamped helicopter hanger. It is a very safe and peaceful setting.

The structure has been built from high quality steel and timber. Only the best quality material and locking mechanisms were used and manufactured.

Entry to the property is controlled. The gate can only be opened by a unique code or remote.

  Doors are monitored by SMHART alarms sensors The property is fully enclosed with 16 000 volt electrical game fencing. Lighting with motion sensors are fitted all around the property.

Practical Tips and FAQ

Tips for Long-Term Storage

Tips for Long-Term Storage

Moisture is your number one enemy when storing items and the best solution to this is ventilation. Stack sofas and mattresses on their end or on pallets and leave gaps in between items.  Wrapping wooden furniture in plastic can actually trap moisture inside and cause the wood to warp. Protection against dust and debris is […]

Unclutter Your Life

Unclutter Your Life

Clutter is stagnant energy. It sends our mind in a tizz. The sight of unused furniture, books etc, causes a sense of heaviness in the brain. It leads to anger and irritability and tiredness. It negatively  affects  people living with you and your relationship with them. Clutter affects our ability to focus. It doesn’t let […]

Tips When Packing

Tips When Packing

Label or number your boxes and keep an inventory of what’s inside! Fill boxes to capacity for strength. Take all batteries out. Pack books flat halfway, and fill the rest of the box with lighter items. Wrap crockery, glassware and fragile items individually, preferably in bubble wrap. Tape boxes along the bottom and bottom edges […]

Declutter your life. Love your space.


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Here are some comments from recent clients

Carl Loots

Thank you for taking such extra care,  handling my move and thank you for your prompt friendly service! I was very impressed.

- Carl Loots
Benji Rice

I could not have imagined a more professional fun service.

- Benji Rice
Jennifer Donald

Wow, Thank you Knysna Plett Storage. You made my move, which I was so dreading, an absolute pleasure.

- Jennifer Donald